Mile End Dental Clinic

Meet the Team at Mile End Dental Clinic

At Mile End Dental Clinic in Adelaide, we've built a team of dentists who know what they're doing, but more importantly they enjoy what they do. This means that for you, our patient, as soon as you walk in the door of our dental practice you will feel at ease in our warm and friendly environment.

Our team is determined that a visit to the dentist should be as easy and enjoyable as possible.


To provide Adelaide's customers with quality dental care, we only employ dentists who are fully qualified in the areas in which we specialise. We promise only fully qualified dentists with years of experience will treat our patients.


Here at our dental practice in Adelaide, our dentists will always provide you with a few options and agree with you which is the right one, given your problem, budget and availability. Our team offers a completely transparent service, so you feel some control over the treatment you are receiving.

Friendly Service

As part of Mile End Dental's aim to make visits to the dentist as enjoyable as possible, you'll find all of our team to be friendly professionals. Our dental practice in Adelaide aims to please and set our customers at ease. If you have young children, our team is fantastic with setting youngsters at ease!

Dr Kate Innis, BDS


- studied at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

- 7 years experience

- very friendly, caring and gentle

- committed to continuing education in order to acquire new skills and provide patients with a diverse range of treatment options

- Kate is able to provide you with the following treatments/services:

  • preventative dentistry
  • emergency dentistry
  • treatment of gum disease
  • treatment of dental cavities with tooth coloured fillings
  • tooth removal including wisdom teeth
  • protection of weak tooth structure with crowns
  • cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening and reshaping
  • tooth/teeth replacement with implants/bridges/dentures
  • sports guard
  • treatment options for grinding and clenching
  • muscle relaxants
A healthy smile is just a click away.